Enhanced Commercial Accident Reconstruction Capabilities

accident reconstruction expert

We have recently enhanced our accident reconstruction capabilities with our newest acquisition of hardware and software, enabling us to provide complete on-site downloads of the ECM data and EDR data contained in most major North American heavy trucks.

Modern heavy-duty trucks and buses contain several devices, which may contain data that can be useful in a collision investigation and reconstruction. There are many different devices found on trucks that have the capability of collecting and storing this data when an incident occurs. These devices are collectively referred to as Heavy Vehicle Event Data Recorders (HVEDR). Such systems may include:

  • Engine Control Modules (ECM)
  • Satellite Communication Systems (GPS)
  • Navigation Systems
  • In-Vehicle Video Systems
  • Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)
  • Data Loggers

Currently, HVEDR data primarily comes from Engine Control Modules (ECM) and wireless fleet management systems. The type of data varies based on vehicle/engine make, model, and year of that specific device. Information may include hard braking data, vehicle speed, a video image, vehicle throttle data, clutch usage, accelerator percentage, vehicle engine speed (RPM), maximum and governed speed, fault code data, diagnostic data, warnings, histogram data, and several other factors.

We provide services in interpreting this electronic data to go along with a complete forensic analysis of the crash or incident.