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We'll help you identify an engineer with the expertise to inform your case.

Accident Reconstruction


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Accident Reconstruction

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We are a team of licensed experts with extensive credentials since the 1980s.

Accident Reconstruction


Our skilled engineers and investigators provide quality solutions to our customers.



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When you need an engineering expert for upcoming cases, our consultants have extensive experience in a number of industries, allowing us to provide the scientific clarification and engineering perspective that helps guide the legal team with the technical details and evidence.



As well as housing highly advanced analytical instrumentation systems in our laboratory, our expert engineers and scientists possess work experience, advanced degrees, and certifications in many sub-disciplines allowing us to offer insurance and litigation support services to clients in a broad range of industries, testing a variety of materials and products.




Since 1986, we have established ourselves as a leader in the forensic engineering and failure analysis industry. Our commitment is to provide highly trained and skilled engineers and investigators that provide quality solutions to customers worldwide. We are a multi-disciplinary, worldwide forensic engineering firm that provides comprehensive, unbiased forensic engineering and failure analysis services addressing our clients’ needs in the legal, oil and gas, insurance, electrical, petrochemical fields, and other industries, as well as the private sector.

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We have a number of engineers with diverse expertise, so you can rely on McDowell Owens for a wide range of services. We'll help you identify the right engineer for your challenge.