Matthew Geistfeld
Consulting Engineer, Electrical/Electronic/Mechanical


Matthew Geistfeld studied Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, at State University of New York Maritime College and received his Master of Engineering Management from Old Dominion University. Matthew is also a retired Naval Submarine Warfare Officer with career experience in nuclear, electrical, and electronic systems. Also, he has vessel operation and navigation experience.

Experience including gas engine and electric motor driven reciprocating compressors; gas turbine and high speed electric driven centrifugal gas compressors; shipboard power systems and instrumentation system evaluations including failure mitigation; pump and compressor power and control system evaluations; maintenance activities for oxygen compression systems, synthetic gas regeneration systems, and plant power distribution system; and installation of premium efficiency motors, alternative power generation (cryogenic turbo-expanders), and load shedding schemes.

Experiences include detailed on-site analyses, repair scope and specification development, acceptance testing, validation and equipment re-commissioning. Analyses are conducted according to current NETA, API, IEEE, and NEMA other applicable standards.

Primary areas of consultation include electrical and electronic systems, AC/DC power systems, and mechanical utility systems including: pressurized systems, pressure vessels, power boilers, power turbines, pumps, heat exchangers, and shipboard and marine engineering systems.


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Continuing Education

  • MK 18 Unmanned Underwater Vehicle Family of Systems Operator and Maintenance School, San Diego, California, March – May 2013
  • Navy Operational Risk Management and Safety, Jacksonville, Florida, January 2013
  • Submarine Officers and Supervisors Quality Maintenance, Silverdale, Washington, February 2011
  • Naval Nuclear Power Prototype Training, Goose Creek, South Carolina, July – December 2008
  • Naval Nuclear Power School, Goose Creek, South Carolina, January – June 2008
  • Naval Science Institute, Providence, Rhode Island, April – June 2004
  • Submarine Force Quality Assurance Inspector, Groton, Connecticut, November 2002
  • Electronics Technician Maintenance School, Groton, Connecticut, April – May 2001
  • Naval Nuclear Power Prototype Training (Reactor Operator), Ballston Spa, New York, January – July 1999
  • Naval Nuclear Power School (Electronics), Orlando, Florida, June – December 1998
  • Nuclear Electronics Technician “A” School, Orlando, Florida, December 1997 – June 1998


  • Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, State University of New York Maritime College, Bronx, New York, 2007
  • Master of Engineering Management, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia, 2017
  • US Navy Nuclear Engineering, (Nuclear Power, Reactor Operator, Electronics/Electrical Engineering), various 1997 – 2013

Certifications and Professional Memberships


  • NFPA, company affiliation
  • ASTM, company affiliation


  • Certified Diver
  • Submarine, Nuclear Reactor Plant (Critical Reactor Plant):
    • Auxiliary Electrician Aft
    • Electrical Operator
    • Reactor Technician
    • Reactor Operator
    • Engineering Watch Supervisor
    • Engineering Officer of the Watch
  • Submarine, Nuclear Reactor Plant (Shutdown Reactor Plant):
    • Shutdown Electrical Operator
    • Shutdown Reactor Operator
    • Engineering Duty Officer
  • Navy Maintenance and Material Management Qualifications (3M Program):
    • Work Center Supervisor
    • Division Officer
  • Navy Quality Maintenance Program Qualifications (QA Program):
    • Steam Plant Inspector
    • Quality Assurance Inspector
    • Quality Assurance Supervisor
  • Submarine, General Shipboard:
    • Navigation
    • Officer of the Deck
    • Ship’s Duty Officer
    • Submarine Warfare (Officer and Enlisted)