Jacob A. Jones

Jacob A. Jones C.F.E.I, IAAI-ECT

740 East 13th Street Houston, Texas 77008

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  • Continuing Education
  • Registrations, Licenses and Certifications
Forensic Fire Analysis, Vehicle Fire Analysis inclusive of Recreational, Personal, and Commercial Vehicles, Residential Appliance Failure Analysis, Site and Structural Documentation.
  • Undergraduate Studies– Fire Science - North Central Texas College, 2020-2022
  • Undergraduate Studies – Mechanical Engineering Program - University of Arkansas. 2018-2019
  • Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator, (NAFI), National Association of Fire Investigators.
  • Certified Evidence Collection Technician, (IAAI), International Association of Arson Investigators.
  • Primary Areas of Consultation: Forensic Fire Analysis, Vehicle Fire Analysis inclusive of Recreational, Personal, and Commercial Vehicles. Residential Appliance Failure Analysis. Site and Structural Documentation.
  • Laboratory Manager, Evidence Documentation and Preservation, Computerized Test Configuration and Monitoring, Radiation Safety Officer.
  • 2022 - Present - McDowell Owens Engineering, Inc., Houston, Texas
    • Primary areas of responsibility include Forensic Fire Analysis inclusive of residential, commercial, and industrial losses and appliances, recreational and commercial vehicles. The identification, documentation, preservation and collection of evidence; Serves as Laboratory Manager. Radiation Safety Officer.
  • 2019 - 2022 - Goodson Engineering, Denton, Texas.
    • Fire Origin and Cause Investigator and Evidence Technician. Laboratory Assistant.
  • 2017 - 2019 - Rick Jones Forensics, Denton, Texas
    • Fire and Explosion Investigation Assistant, Evidence Collection Technician.
  • International Association of Arson Investigators (IAAI). (National).
  • Texas Chapter, International Association of Arson Investigators.
  • National Association of Fire Investigators
  • American Society for Testing and Materials – Company Affiliation
  • National Fire Protection Association – Company Affiliation
  • “Law Enforcement Approach to the Investigation and Reconstruction of Significant Tractor/Trailer Accidents”, Defense Research Institute (DRI) Trucking Law Seminar, Las Vegas, Nevada, February 4–5, 2010
  • “Accident Investigation and Preservation of Evidence” Energi Insurance 2016 Risk Management Summit, Las Vegas, Nevada, October 2–6, 2016
  • “The Impact of Dash Cameras” Energi Insurance 2017 Risk Management Summit, Las Vegas, Nevada, October 15–18, 2017
  • Various Ground Resistance Testing
  • Documenting electrical conductor heat buildup when encased in spray foam insulation with various loads.
  • Tested the ignition potential of fuel vapor when fueling engine while operating.
  • Failure mode of Lithium Ion Batteries at different charge (Lithium-Ion 18650 batteries) using heated oil filled beaker.
  • Exposed Lithium-Ion batteries to open flame and documented failure times and mode.
  • Testing of Butane fired Camp Stove with LPG container subjected to flame
  • Documented flame spread and mass loss rate of Spray Foam Insulation under fire conditions
  • Subjected FireBlock Insulating Foam Sealant containers to fire; documented the reaction.
  • 07/2021 - NAFI, International fire, Arson, & explosion Investigation Training Program(32 hour
  • 07/2019 - IAAI, DNA (3 hours)
  • 07/2019 - IAAI, Documenting the Event (4 hours)
  • 07/2019 - IAAI, Ethics and the Fire Investigator (3 hours)
  • 07/2019 - IAAI, Evidence Exmination: What Happens at the Lad? (4 hours)
  • 07/2019 - IAAI, Introduction to Evidence
  • 07/2019 - IAAI, NFPA 1033 and Your Career(2 hours)
  • 07/2019 - IAAI, Physical Evidence at the Fire Scene (4 hours)
  • 07/2019 - IAAI, The practical Application of the Relationship Between NFPA 1033 and NFPA 921 (2 hours)
  • 07/2019 - IAAI, The Scientific Method for Fire and Explosion Investigation (3 hours)
  • Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator
  • International Association Arson Investigation:
    Evidence Collection Investigator (IAAI-ECT #724)
  • Radiation Machine Source Radiation Safety Officer:
    Texas Department of State Health Services,
  • Radiation Machine Source Unit
    Registration 38326
  • USA DOT FAA - Remote Pilot License
    License No. 4682886