Advanced Electronic  Systems


As technology and our world continue to change, electronics has become an even larger part of our everyday lives and that of businesses and industries.

Electronic systems are critical control elements of almost everything we use today, ranging from seemingly simple devices such as wrist watches, computers and laptops, appliances in our homes and even the cars in our driveways to more advanced electronic systems such as industrial control and communications systems, avionics and automated manufacturing systems.

Understanding the operation of the intricate and complex electronics, which control so many systems, is mandatory in Forensic Engineering today.

Our team of engineers has the ability to quickly diagnose issues and to accurately identify malfunctions and failures in electronic systems that enable them to explain many accident and loss events.

The engineers of McDowell Owens have more than thirty years of direct experience in electronics industries, which includes working with some of the world’s most prestigious high-tech companies.  

Our capabilities include but are not limited to:

  • design
  • manufacturing
  • implementation
  • failure analysis of products ranging from microprocessors to large-scale high-speed digital systems