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Special Report: Reflective Radiant Barriers - 2009

Special Report: Reflective Radiant Barriers by: Ron Simmons, P.E.; Eric Benstock, P.E.; Rick Bonyata, P.E. and Nestor Camara, C.F.I. Installation of reflective radiant barriers in residential attics around the country is becoming increasingly popular. The driving force behind the trend may well be the advertised savings of 10 to 70 percent on previ...
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Reflective Radiant Barriers - 2010

In recent decades much of the world (and especially the U.S.) has become very conscious of energy consumption. As a result, many energy saving initiatives and products have been introduced. One of the most successful lines of products has been the reflective radiant barrier materials which are installed in the attic spaces of homes. Available evide...
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Unusual Behavior of Radiant Barrier Materials in Fire

ABSTRACT This paper will discuss a relatively new product that is becoming very widely used in residential structures and that recently has been discovered to present serious new dangers of fire causation. The paper will specifically focus on the unusual properties and ch aracteristics as well as some most u nusual "behaviors" of the product that c...
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Enhances Commercial Accident Reconstruction Capabilities

We have recently enhanced our accident reconstruction capabilities with our newest acquisition of hardware and software, enabling us to provide complete on-site downloads of the ECM data and EDR data contained in most major North American heavy trucks. Modern heavy-duty trucks and buses contain several devices, which may contain data that can be us...
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